Pirates of the seven seas 2

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9 x 5 mn
Cap Canal / CNC

Exceptional characters, pirates and privateers entertain our dreams of freedom and feed our bloodthirsty fantasies. They fascinate children with their headbands, swords and black eye patches and take them on imaginary and hectic adventures.  

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                                                            13 episods 

Histoires de pirates Grace O'Malley
  • Grace O'Malley, queen of the Irish sea


Histoires de pirates Exquemelin
  • Exquemelin, the surgeon pirate


Histoires de pirates Henry Morgan
  • Henry Morgan, the buccaneers' admiral


Histoires de pirates Dampier
  • Dampier, the scientific pirate        


Histoires de pirates Selkirk
  • Selkirk, the lonely corsair                                           


Histoires de pirates Mary Read et Ann Bonny
  • Mary Read & Ann Bonny, filibusters of the indies 


Histoires de pirates Barbe noire
  • Blackbeard


Histoires de pirates Bartholomey Roberts
  • Bartholomew Robert, the black baronet


Histoires de pirates La Buse
  • The Hawk's fabulous treasure


Histoires de pirates Ching Shih
  • Ching Shih, China's sea dog


Histoires de pirates Roberto Cofresi
  • Roberto Cofresi, Robin of the seas 


Histoires de pirates Jean Lafitte
  • Jean Lafitte, pirate of the bayous


Histoires de pirates Benito l'espagnol
  • Benito, the spaniard 




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